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Are you an External Auditor and want to join the PARMS ZWTN EPR Program?

Here is how to join:

  1. Go to our EPR Portal Page and register or click here.

  2. Select "External Auditor" from the drop-down menu under "Choose your role".

  3. Fill out all the required fields for both Primary and Alternate Contact under "Personal Details". Then, click "Next".

  4. Fill out all the required fields under "Company details".

  5. Click "Finish" once you have completed the required fields.

  6. You may now login with your credential details.

  7. Once logged in, go to Profile and click Documentary Requirements

  8. From here you may Upload all Documentary Requirements to complete the registration

Below are the documentary requirements needed to complete the registration.

  • ​CPA Certificate No.

  • BOA/PRC Registration No.

  • Professional Tax Receipt No.

  • Tax ID

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