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Are you a private company (Non-obliged entperise) and want to join the PARMS ZWTN EPR Program as a VOLUNTEER?

How to determine if you are an Obliged Enterprise?

Large enterprises refer to any business entity whose total assets, including those arising from loans amount to 100M but exclusive of the land

• Brand Owner

• Product Manufacturer or Importer

Note: Large Enterprises (Obliged Enterprises) must establish or phase in EPR Programs for plastic packaging aimed at reducing plastic waste and promoting efficient recovery and diversion schemes. The law took effect on August 12, 2022. 


Click here if you are a large enterprise (Obliged Enterprise)


Here is how to join as a volunteer:

  1. Go to our EPR Portal Page and register or click here.

  2. Select "EPR Member" from the drop-down menu under "Choose your role".

  3. Fill out all the required fields for Primary and Alternate Contact under "Personal Details". Then, click "Next".

  4. Fill out all the required fields under "Company details".

  5. Select the appropriate option for "Type of Obliged Enterprise" from the drop-down menu select "Volunteering Member"

  6. Under "Type of Enterprise" select either of the following:

    • Large Enterprise with no plastic footprint​

    • Medium Enterprise

    • Small Enterprise

    • Micro Enterprise

  7. Click "Next" once you have completed the required fields.

  8. Upload all Documentary Requirements to complete the registration.


Below are the documentary requirements needed to complete the registration.

  • Notarized Letter of Intent for Volunteering Entities (Sample LOI)

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