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Welcome to the
Philippine Alliance for Recycling and Materials Sustainability

Zero Waste to Nature (ZWTN)
EPR Portal

Greetings and welcome to the PARMS ZWTN EPR Portal, designed and managed by the Philippine Alliance for Recycling and Materials Sustainability which serves as the marketplace for Waste Diversion Credits. The portal provides a platform for the trading and exchange of these credits, enabling our member Obliged Enterprises to meet their waste diversion targets and contribute to the sustainability of the Philippine recycling industry.

Through our platform, we facilitate the trading and exchange of Waste Diversion Credits, enabling our members to promote sustainability proactively. The PARMS ZWTN EPR Portal is your gateway to a greener, cleaner future for the Philippines.

Come and join us and make a positive impact on the environment today!

Who can register for the PARMS EPR Portal? 

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A Philippine private sector-designed Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) System.

Waste Diversion credit prices are market-driven because they are determined by waste diversion chains' operational needs. Proceeds from the sale of credits go directly to waste diversion chains and serve as an important source to make their business model viable and investable. In particular, the proceeds will serve as an incentive for waste recovery entities to start collecting and managing flexible plastics with low diversion value that aren't already recycled. The proceeds also inclusively and equitably support waste sector livelihoods, which are usually composed of informal workers.

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