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Are you a private company and want to join the PARMS ZWTN EPR Program?

How to determine if you are an Obliged Enterprise?

Does your company generate plastic packaging waste when my product or commodity is released or sold to the market/ consumers?

For Brand Owners and Manufacturers:
Does the company's Total Assets, including those arising from loans -- but excluding the cost of the land on which the office, plant and equipment are situated - exceed Php100 Million, based on it's Audited Financial Statement (AFS), as filed with and stamped "received" by the Bureau of Internal Revenue?

For Importers:
Does the company import consumer goods into the Philippines, intended to be sold, whether in original packaging or to be repackaged for distribution to the general public?
Based on the company's Audited Financial Statements, does the Total Assets, including the value of it's importations, exceed Php100 Million?


For MSMEs:
Does the Total Value of Assets of all enterprises, including MSMEs, carrying the same brand, label or trademark, exceed Php100 Million?


Note: Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) under R.A. No. 9501 are encouraged to practice EPR voluntarily, or be a part of the network of obliged enterprises or producer responsibility organizations practicing EPR

Here is how to join:

  1. Access the EPR Portal: Begin by visiting our EPR Portal Page and click register to proceed.

  2. Select Role: From the dropdown menu labeled "Choose your role," pick "EPR Member."

  3. Personal Details: Provide the necessary information for both Primary and Alternate Contacts under "Personal Details." Once done, proceed by clicking "Next."

    • Keep in mind that each user account must be linked to a distinct email address. If registering multiple companies, ensure a separate email address for each.

  4. Company Information: Fill in all the required fields under "Company details."

  5. Type of Obliged Enterprise: Choose the appropriate option from the dropdown menu:

    • If you're a PARMS Investing Partner, select "Investing Partner."

    • If you're an Obliged Enterprise and non-PARMS member, select "EPR Member."

    • If you're a Subsidiary/Affiliate of an Investing Partner or EPR Program Member, select "Subsidiary/Affiliate

      • Subsidiaries Reporting Options:

        • Reporting as an Individual Company: Subsidiaries that will report individually need to pay the EPR Membership Fee and provide the deposit slip/bank transaction slip.

      • Reporting as part of a Collective: Subsidiaries within a collective won't need a membership fee and will fall under the Parent Company.

    • If you're a non-Obliged Enterprise and not a PARMS member, choose "Volunteering Member." (Refer to this link for volunteer registration instructions)

  6. Completing Registration: Once all required fields are filled, click "Finish."

  7. Login: After successful registration, you'll see a "Registration Successful" message. Click "Login Now."
  8. Sign In: Enter the username and password you used during registration, then click "Sign In.

    Key in your username and password that you have used to register then click Sign In.

    • Once you are logged in, click on Profile.

    • There will be a notification informing you that your registration is incomplete. Click, OK.

  9. Document Requirements: Access the top menu and select "Document Requirements."

  10. Upload Documents: Upload all necessary documentary requirements to finalize your registration.


Below are the documentary requirements needed to complete the registration.

  • Letter of Intent

    • Click on this Sample LOI for reference

    • This document requires notarization.

  • Corporate Secretary's Certificate (Board Resolution) or SPA on the designation of the officer responsible for the EPR Program and for the EPR Act of 2022 Compliances and the authorization to submit the application of EPR registration of the EPR Program (Sample Board Resolution).

    • This document requires notarization.

  • Business Registration Documents.

    • ​A document issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to a corporation or organization

  • BIR Form 2303

    • The Certificate of Registration issued by BIR (BIR Form 2303) contains an enumeration of the types of taxes that are required to be paid to the government, which includes the following: Corporate income tax. Value-added tax. Withholding taxes (on compensation, fringe benefits, etc.)

  • Mayor's Permit

    • ​The latest document issued by the local mayor's office that grants permission or authorization to individuals or businesses to engage in certain activities within a specific jurisdiction.

  • Sworn Statement (Sample Sworn Statement)

    • ​Executed by the duly designated officer responsible for the EPR Program and for compliance with the EPR Act of 2022 attesting to the veracity of all documents submitted together with the application. This document needs to be notarized.

  • Deposit Slip (Payment for EPR Membership Fee)

    • Fund Transaction or Bank Deposit Slip

    • The EPR Membership Fee is valued at Php 100,000. This will be charged to all Obliged Enterprise that is not a PARMS Investing Partner. This is a non-refundable, one-time membership fee which in inclusive of the first year of compliance.  The amount for the annual fee for the PARMS EPR Program will be announced very soon.
      Note: Should a company, later on, decide to become a PARMS Investing Partner, the EPR Membership Fee will be credited to the PARMS Investing Partner Fee.​

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