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Bringing together the business sector, non-profits, academic institutions, and the government to address waste management and create systemic solutions towards Marine Litter Prevention and Circular Economy


The driving force that powers the Zero Waste to Nature 2030

Our Vision

Our Vision

Zero Waste to Nature by 2030

Our Mission

Develop and Implement a holistic and comprehensive program to increase resource recovery and reduce landfill dependence toward zero waste.


Who We Are
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PARMS is a pioneering nonprofit organization established in 2014 dedicated to driving sustainable waste management practices through the collaboration of stakeholders across the supply and waste value chains, promoting recycling, and advancing the development of a circular economy in the Philippines. With a vision of creating a greener, cleaner, and more sustainable future, PARMS actively collaborates with various stakeholders, including the government, to bring about positive change.

Through its collaborative efforts with the government, business sector, non-profits, academic institutions, and other stakeholders, PARMS is committed to driving sustainable waste management practices and creating systemic solutions for marine litter prevention and the transition to a circular economy.

Key Objectives:


  • Promoting Sustainable Waste Management: We work tirelessly to raise awareness about the importance of responsible waste management and provide the necessary tools, resources, and knowledge to individuals, organizations, and communities.

  • Advocating for Recycling: PARMS champions the cause of recycling and encourages the adoption of recycling practices across industries. We collaborate with various stakeholders across the supply and waste value chain to develop and implement innovative recycling initiatives that contribute to the reduction of waste and the conservation of resources.

  • Developing a Circular Economy: By promoting the concept of a circular economy, PARMS aims to create a system where resources are used efficiently, waste is minimized, and materials are continuously recycled and repurposed. We actively engage with businesses, policymakers, and industry leaders to drive the transition towards a more sustainable economic model.

  • Implementing Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR): PARMS emphasizes the importance of EPR as a key approach to holding producers accountable for the entire life cycle of their products, including proper disposal and recycling. We facilitate the integration of EPR programs, ensuring that producers take responsibility for the environmental impact of their products.

Extended Producers Responsibility

Our program is designed to drive the implementation of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) by fostering collaboration between producers, manufacturers, importers, waste diverters, and regulatory bodies. It provides guidance, resources, and support to help businesses transition to more sustainable practices and make a positive impact on the circular economy.



Industry Associations.jpg
  • Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc. (PCCI)

  • Federation of Philippine Industries (FPI)

  • Philippine Paper Manufacturers Association Inc. (PPMAI)

  • Philippine Plastics Industry Association Inc. (PPIA)

  • Polystyrene Packaging Council of the Philippines (PPCP)

  • Packaging Institute of the Philippines (PIP)

  • Pollution Control Association of the Philippines (PCAPI)

  • United Recyclers Organization of the Philippines (UROP)

  • Chamber of Cosmetics Industry of the Philippines (CCPI)

  • Glass Manufacturers Association of the Philippines, Inc.

  • Philippine Retailers Association (PRA)

  • Samahan sa Pilipinas ng mga Industriyang Kimika or the Chemical Industries Association of the Philippines

  • Health and Dietary Supplement Association of the Philippines (HADSAP)

  • Crop Protection Association of the Philippines (CPAP)

  • Philippine Amalgamated Supermarkets Association (PAGASA)

  • Cosmetics Toiletries Fragrances Association of the Philippines.

  • Philippine Center for Print Excellence Foundation Inc. (PCPEF)

  • Federation of Filipino Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc. (FFCCCI)

  • Association of Flexible Packaging Manufacturers of the Philippines (AFPMP)

  • Samahan sa Pilipinas ng mga Industriyang Kimika or the Chemical Industries Association of the Philippines (SPIK)

  • Cement Manufacturers Association of the Philippines Inc. (CMAP)

Our Members
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