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Are you a Waste Diverter and want to join the PARMS ZWTN EPR Program?

Here is how to join:

  1. Go to our EPR Portal Page and register or click here.

  2. Select "Waste Diverter" from the drop-down menu under "Choose your role".

  3. Fill out all the required fields for both Primary and Alternate Contact under "Personal Details". Then, click "Next".

  4. Fill out all the required fields under "Company details".

  5. Select the "Type of Diversion". You may choose more than one option. 

    • Mechanical Recycling​​

    • Chemical Recycling

    • Co-Processing

    • Waste-to-Fuel

    • Waste-to-Energy

    • Disposal: SLF

  6. Click "Next" once you have completed the required fields.

  7. Upload all Documentary Requirements to complete the registration.


Below are the documentary requirements needed to complete the registration.

  • Certificate of Registration (SEC or DTI Business Name or Cooperative Registration)

  • Business Permit or License issued by the Local Government Unit or LGU (for registered business entities and social enterprise groups)

  • Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) or  Certificate of Non-Coverage (CNC) for waste Processors or Treaters

Note: For LGU Material Recovery Facility (MRF), an endorsement in the form of a Letter of Intent issued by the Local Chief Executive or Mayor is acceptable.

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