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SGV partners with PARMS

September 13, 2022 | 12:00am

SGV & Co. and the Philippine Alliance for Recycling and Material Sustainability (PARMS) have signed a memorandum of agreement to formalize the technical partnership between the two companies for the implementation of the pilot Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Waste Diversion Credit Scheme (WDCS) of PARMS.

SGV Financial Accounting Advisory Services (FAAS) and Climate Change and Sustainability Services (CCaSS) Partner Benjamin N. Villacorte (BNV) served as a panelist at the EPR workshop organized by the AmCham Philippines on 9/16/22 at the AmCham office in Makati City.

The EPR WDCS provides a market-based mechanism for obliged enterprises to ensure that their product packaging-related waste does not end up in landfills or in nature.

Obliged companies will work with different stakeholders through the EPR WDCS. This is aligned with Republic Act 11898 (RA 11898), also known as the EPR Act of 2022, which lapsed into law on July 23. The law requires obliged enterprises to recover or offset a portion of their respective plastic footprint. Waste diverters working with the obliged enterprise play a vital role in the EPR system.

The PARMS partnership with SGV & Co. provides an opportunity for waste diverters to undergo readiness assessment for audit and compliance of their waste-diversion claims, following the standards set by PARMS under the EPR WDCS.

SGV & Co. will serve as the first accredited certification body in this program.

As a certification body, SGV & Co. will review the accuracy and completeness of information declared by the waste diverters under the program. SGV & Co. will provide findings and recommendations on the compliance of the waste diverters with the WDCS standards during the pilot implementation, as well as recommendations for improvements and streamlining of the WDCS standards’ applicability in the Philippines.

“The pilot EPR WDCS is integral to PARMS’s advocacy to implement a program for increased resource recovery and reduced landfill dependence towards zero waste. In 2020, PARMS launched the “Zero Waste to Nature, Ambisyon 2030 (ZWTN 2030)” initiative which includes, at its core, a roadmap with targets for multi-sectoral collaborative solutions to manage plastic waste,” PARMS president Crispian Lao said.

A pile of garbage, including plastic waste, is seen as children play on a bridge in downtown Manila on September 4, 2019. AFP/George Calvelo

“With the enactment of RA 11898 (EPR Act of 2022), we are taking an early look at the EPR system in action as companies monitor their plastic waste footprint and begin the process of meeting their waste recovery and diversion targets with the help of waste diverters. With these developments comes the need for independent third-party audits. We have long embraced the opportunity to assist in tackling Filipinos’ contribution to the plastic pollution problem and in promoting plastic circularity alongside businesses. We continue to do so as we welcome this exciting opportunity with PARMS,” SGV & Co partner Benjamin Villacorte said.

SGV & Co. implements and supports several initiatives aligned with its Purpose-led commitment to embed sustainability in the Firm’s culture, such as enhancing supply chain responsibility and promoting environmental management through its Sustainable Actions for Value-Creation and Enablement (SAVE) Council. The partnership with PARMS builds on the multiple efforts of both firms to realize these shared sustainability goals.

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