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Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Bert Guevara, VP of Philippine Alliance for Recycling and Materials Sustainability, presented their Zero Waste to Nature Ambisyon 2030

National Cleanup Summit tackles the adaptation to environmental waste problems on coastlines-shores, and riverine systems. It aims to gather delegates to promote cleaner coastal areas and any other water system, to educate and give awareness about the waste problems.

The National Cleanup Day Philippines was born on September 20, 2015, through the partnership inked with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources Environmental Management Bureau (DENR EMB). This campaign is a partnership of all cleanup organizations, CSOs, government organizations, and LGUs from around the nation that fosters collaboration, cleanup, and prevention.

This 2-day hybrid event was composed of virtual and in-person keynote speakers last August 25-26, 2022. Moreover, in preparation for the 8th National Clean Up Day this coming September 17, 2022, a cleanup workshop was conducted by the International Coastal Cleanup Area Coordinator, Zed Avecilla.

The upcoming National Clean Up Day respects international cleanup day's principle, which seeks to make the environment cleaner and healthier. Additionally, aiming to increase public awareness of the increasing pollution not only on the world's beaches or coastal areas but also in the local areas such as offices, schools, homes, etc., for a healthy environment is now a human right. With this initiative, we can be the solution to pollution problems from reef to ridge.

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