Liwayway Marketing Corporation

Liwayway Group’s history dates back to 1946 in Manila, Philippines. In 1974, Liwayway diversified into food manufacturing and established the “Oishi” brand. The brand is now Liwayway’s foremost brand levered across a variety of food products, including snack foods, biscuits, confectionery, and beverages.

With over 40 years of experience in the development, manufacture and distribution of various food products, the Liwayway Group remains committed to build on the Oishi brand to cater to the most discerning, fun-loving and adventurous consumer.

Our philosophy incorporates the values handed down throughout our over 70-year history. Liwayway places utmost concern for the quality in its products and processes, integrity in its business dealings, and the importance of long-standing relationships. Liwayway believes in balancing commercial objectives with a genuine proactive effort to help shape and participate in a positive, cohesive, and sustainable community.

Solid Waste Management Initiatives

Reusing and Reducing. Liwayway supports the use of less materials and the better use of those products we already have in ways that retain the value, usefulness and function. Towards this end, Liwayway plans consumption and purchase of perishables to minimize discards due to non-consumption; minimizes ecological footprint required for product, product use, and service provision; and, maximizes reuse of materials.

Supplies such as kraft bags, plastic bags, are reused, where applicable, 2 or 3 times, depending on condition before being replaced by new ones.

Recycling. Liwayway also ensures that discarded materials become resources for others to use, thereby reducing environmental impact and waste, viz :

All discarded materials that can no longer be reused in the factory are deposited and sorted in the Materials Recovery Facility. Recyclable materials are segregated and sold to buyers who supply the materials to recyclers.

Processing rejects, wastages, and sales rejects are likewise segregated and sold to buyers who supply these to feed mills and fish pond owners as feed supplement.

Various used containers, drums, and empty sacks are sold to buyers who supply the same to resellers.

International Coastal Clean-up Manila Bay 2018

Through PARMS, Liwayway sent its volunteers to participate in the International Coastal Clean-up last 22 September 2018 along Baywalk, Roxas Boulevard, to help address plastic waste. The volunteers picked-up, segregated, and sorted trash found afloat in Manila Bay, and were joined by thousands of other volunteers.